15 April 2020 @ 12pm

Shifting the Candidate Experience from Good to Great through adopting a laser sharp Employer Branding Mindset

This action-packed agenda will include:

  • Leveraging a better understanding of your Employer Brand to elevate your candidate’s experience
  • Promoting your Employer Brand through auditing and reassessing your recruitment process and value chain
  • The touchpoints that can bring your candidates closer to understanding your Employer Brand
  • A calculated and personalized approach to marketing your Employer Brand
  • The shift from good to great as a true Brand Ambassador for your Employer Brand

Course Outcomes for Delegates:

  • Shift in elevating your candidate experience from transactional to client brand focused
  • An understanding of employer branding and marketing to pave your way to proactive recruiting
  • Improved brand reputation through offering candidate excellence
  • Value add through becoming an employer branding thought leader aligned to global practice.
  • Improvement in time to hire, conversion ratios and ability to compete for top talent.

Cost: R985

Questions? Contact Celeste celeste@employerbrandingsa.co.za