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The vulnerability of employer brands during COVID-19

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said that “the only constant in life is change”. This cannot be more accurate with the Covid-19 pandemic putting the entire world to the test. Companies and employees [...]

Preserving your employer brand in uncertain times

The global uncertainty of the unknown presently resides within all of us and especially those HR leaders who are grappling with managing the mental and financial well-being of their employees, while continuing business as best [...]

Reimagine Employer Branding in the Roaring ’20s – #BizTrends2020

One hundred years have now passed since the beginning of the infamous roaring '20s - an era of dramatic economic, social and political uncertainty, together with much technological development and change - a world no [...]

Employer Branding for Mighty Start-Ups!

Mixed emotions are clearly evident within the South African employment market as, on the one hand, the media publishes disheartening news confirming the mass exodus of our young graduate talent and professionals exiting South Africa [...]

4 Recruitment Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Companies need to look beyond qualifications to gear up for our new world of work. According to a new IBM Institute of Business Value (IBV) study in the next three years, as many as 120 million workers [...]

5 ways HR and Marketing can have a more unified approach

Why these two functions must collaborate to take the Employer Brand to the next level. To succeed in today’s digital world, high performing companies are quickly realizing that equal and focused attention must be given to [...]

4 things HR leaders can focus on to deliver more value

How to transform your team into innovative advisors and creative thinkers. Mixed feelings of uncertainty and excitement prevail as in-house recruitment departments progressively move towards automating the mundane and repetitive tasks which once consumed their [...]

Employer value proposition vs. employer brand

What is the the difference and why should they both matter. Irrespective of the maturity level of employer branding within companies across the globe, the debate and confusion surrounding the various jargon, buzzwords and acronyms [...]

Recruiters have transformed into Marketers and Salespeople!

Recruiters are faced with a challenging and evolving recruitment landscape within SA, where Talent Teams are required to demonstrate value-add into the business. Lack of suitably qualified recruiters with sales and/or marketing capability and a [...]

What are Recruitment Providers doing to remain relevant?

Recruitment providers are facing a challenging and evolving recruitment landscape within SA, where survival of the fittest will win! One of the most prominent being that companies are opting to set up their own in-house [...]