4 things HR leaders can focus on to deliver more value

(first published by CHRO SA on 11 June 2019) Employer branding expert Celeste Sirin on how to transform your team into innovative advisors and creative thinkers. Mixed feelings of uncertainty and excitement prevail as in-house [...]

Employer value proposition vs. employer brand

(first published by CHRO SA on 14 May 2019) Employer brand expert Celeste Sirin explains what the difference is and why they both matter. Irrespective of the maturity level of employer branding within companies across [...]

Recruiters have transformed into Marketers and Salespeople!

Recruiters are faced with a challenging and evolving recruitment landscape within SA, where Talent Teams are required to demonstrate value-add into the business. Lack of suitably qualified recruiters with sales and/or marketing capability and a [...]

What are Recruitment Providers doing to remain relevant?

Recruitment providers are facing a challenging and evolving recruitment landscape within SA, where survival of the fittest will win! One of the most prominent being that companies are opting to set up their own in-house [...]

5 Big Misunderstandings of Employer Branding

(first published by CHRO SA on 2 April 2019) Employer branding isn’t only for recruitment purposes. Celeste Sirin highlights other misconceptions. Every country across the globe is currently experiencing its own unique labour market challenges, [...]

In-house Recruitment Training that unlocks Best-in-class Talent

So now you’ve been instructed to cut down on your recruitment spend and stop outsourcing to Recruitment Providers!? No easy feat as this impacts your workload, the need to become far more agile with your [...]

#RecruitmentFocus: Why employer branding is vital even in the midst of a stagnating economy

(first published by Bizcommunity as part of their focus on recruitment on 29 January 2019) While the employer branding has made significant inroads into the South African market, with a number of companies leveraging its [...]

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