Reimagine Employer Branding in the Roaring ’20s – #BizTrends2020

One hundred years have now passed since the beginning of the infamous roaring '20s - an era of dramatic economic, social and political uncertainty, together with much technological development and change - a world no [...]

4 things HR leaders can focus on to deliver more value

How to transform your team into innovative advisors and creative thinkers. Mixed feelings of uncertainty and excitement prevail as in-house recruitment departments progressively move towards automating the mundane and repetitive tasks which once consumed their [...]

#RecruitmentFocus: Why employer branding is vital even in the midst of a stagnating economy

(first published by Bizcommunity as part of their focus on recruitment on 29 January 2019) While the employer branding has made significant inroads into the South African market, with a number of companies leveraging its [...]

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