Project Description


Flight Centre

Social Media Recruiter – New Era Skill Set Requirement

recruitment advertising
recruitment advertising


As South Africa’s largest travel company, Flight Centre recognized the need to source a social media recruiter who could focus on driving promoting their company as a desirable place to work, thus meet their talent acquisition objectives.


Working closely with Flight Centre’s digital marketing manager, we sourced wonderful imagery of their employees at work, positioning our “call to action” in the digital media space across blended industry sectors. Through the clever usage of a motion graphic video for Instagram we showcased the kind of creativity we were seeking from the right incumbent.

Business Impact

Strategy Recruitment Marketing received an overwhelming response with Flight Centre earmarking the best candidate to meet their requirement. In addition to this, interesting insights indicated that social media marketing is still predominantly product/service focused with the emergence of social media recruitment advertising, marketing and employer branding specialists few and far between. But with the emergence of this focused skill set requirement on the upswing.